Munich: 1 to 1 performance with invisible artist

For Munich

A One to One piece with missing artist (just out of sight)

‘Listening to Air’

Set up
Small enclosed space with table, chair, laptop (in cardboard box with viewing hole if possible) and wildflower book, wire, ribbon, scissors, pens, envelopes, seeds in container.


Introduction about who I am, AIR at Bunces Barn, wildflowers and biodiversity , and my quest to capture that experience and transform it into objects (voiceover over slide show of Bunces barn photographs) how elusive and impossible it is to capture ‘air’, the outside and grass. Then a list of instructions about trying. On film artist’s hands are shown doing three tasks. Watcher is asked to do three tasks, spool green ribbon into a box, write three words about air on a slippery ribbon that falls to the floor into container, write own words about  listening to air in wire, cut wire and attach to book. Then the hands on film offer a seed, these are in small bowl directly in front of computer. Voiceover continues – I can’t capture air but with a seed I can give you the possibility of a living thing. Then as watcher/audience is leaving I say there is an envelope to take which contains a postcard that explains why I am not there… explanation of the elusively of capturing experience when the object/artist is air. Watcher/audience leaves with envelope and seed.

Munich 1 to 1  Report

‘Here, Hollie, take this small green bag and take it to Munich’.
Meeting at 4 am on a dark street in Brighton I handed over my 1 to 1 to go to Munich having little idea if it could work or be set up and for anyone to try it. I had to wait to find out but I got a text as the others came back that, yes, it had been exhibited for one day and that it had great feedback. When I got my green bag back I looked in the small blue notebook I had sent for comments, and here they are, they are my feedback from Munich.

‘Thank you for leading me to nature although I am sitting in a big city at the moment under the earth and feeling the air and the mystery of this material of life around and within us…every moment I am living I am breathing…my word is freedom air gives me freedom.’

‘Thanks a lot for this experience! Experience of nature in front of a computer! so nice! beautiful! if you like to get in touch I am working with seed too.’

‘Thank you for this nice film and message. Life is a wonderful thing.’

‘Lovely, wonderful, and very British! and greatly appreciated. What a surprising experience! Thank you!’

There was also a flower made from wire.

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