I have chosen to show a range of books that have been involved over my time at Bunces Barn, and ones especially for the MA.

Some are books that have been with me most of my life, Centering  by M.K. RIchards and the classic Pilgrim at Tinker Creek  by Annie Dillard, as well as work by Suzi Gablik. Not surprising all these authors are women and there is a link with eco feminism thorough many of the books, studied and read. Rebecca Solnit’s book on Gender and Landscape being a much read companion. Andrea Olsen’s Body and Earth has a thread to perceptions and awareness of working in nature that brings it back to the body while Tim Ingold’s Lines helps re-orientate lines moving away from it.

Two books have helped me consider ‘materials’ and objects in new ways, Jane Bennett’s Vibrant Matter which works well with Evocative Objects edited by Sherry Turkle.

The writing of poetry as a method of recording self, landscape, weather and seasons has been greatly inspired by the lucid poetry of Mary Oliver and the pungent theories of   Can Poetry Save the World an echo of my MA theme ‘Beauty will save the world’, Dostoevsky, which has become my method of choice in finding ways to treasure beauty and the natural landscape.

Working at Bunces Barn has taken me back to my roots, literal in that unknown to me my great great grandfather lived there, and to where I have now lived for twenty-five years.  The Lure of the Local by Lucy R Lippard unpicked and explained much that felt intuitive.

David Abrams books of philosophy with their interest in embodiment and the unified field have been linchpins in my studies, especially his re- working of Spinosa.

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